About ThermAvant

In 2007, Dr. Bill Ma, a mechanical and aerospace engineering professor working on thermal technology for the military, was introduced through the Department of Energy to another highly experienced engineer and entrepreneur, Joe Boswell. Together, they formed ThermAvant Technologies with the goal of expanding Dr. Ma’s innovations in the field of heat transfer technologies to consumer, commercial and industrial applications. ThermAvant quickly emerged as a leading provider of custom thermal solutions for aircraft, satellites, and microchip cooling.

Through Lexo, ThermAvant are bringing their cutting edge phase-change heat transfer technology to your morning cup of coffee. The patent-pending triple-walled vacuum insulated tumbler is the most advanced drinkware known to man. With the ability to cool a boiling liquid down to a safe and enjoyable drinking temperature in less than 3 minutes, and hold it there for up to 8 hours, you’ll wonder how you ever made it through your morning without it.

Dr. Bill Ma

Joe Boswell